▲​.​song​.​called​.​åny†hing. feat. Alex Isley (prod​.​by ®C)

by ∂eƒ Sound.



Thee Anything I dream is thee anything I be
and anything I think is thee anything I see
look Baby 
we can be 
thee anything we are thee only think I seek
anytime I blink is thee only time I sleep
its up 2 you
we can do

Verse i:
It's thee young Thomas Defferson
looking 4 a new idea
ya know that young Thomas Edison
twitting here wondering
why am I Following a bunch of rappers that I'm better than??
Idk... trick question

ill clinically
trill mentally
future on infinity
on another frequency
but They'll never No cuz I spit so Yes
And if plan A fails 25 letters left

playing hide and seek with,
the me I never speak with
drown myself in deep wit
always been bad @ impersonations so I me'ed shit
I mean shit...
I don't just rap I actually mean shit

my pen bleeds with no IV
and everything I dream is my ID
while they pick pockets I drift often
need 10 wallets 2 put thoughts in

real life.

(insert Hook)

Verse ii:

I know Society aint secret
between the lines reading
you can lead em 2 the water cant make em drink it
you can make em braille it 
but you cant make em see it
they can sleep on you
its on you 2 dream it

so why ever wake up?
we create a fake us
because we cant face us
hating what we see in the mirror when we wake up
fame will defame us
clowns with no make up
so all your stories made up

diagonally or straight up
its only real talk, if your talks ever false
if being on is being you i guess I'm better off
I don't need a beat I just need 2 breathe
I just wanna be 
 like letters after A
hey you still listening?



released January 1, 2012
Written by: Emmanuel "∂eƒ Sound" Ricketts for We.Are.Instruments Publishing and Alex Isley.
Produced by: RC for History N' The Makin' Productions
Inspired by: All things undefinable.
Recorded by : Brook D'Leau
Mixed by & Mastered by: Nevin Thomas
▲rtwork by: Imani Waddy



all rights reserved


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