†ruly . bright .

by ∂eƒ Sound.



opening verse:

Blacked out shouts out 2 my black sunnz in b more
flowing like a sea shore
assassinated  my ego and me'd more
every songs a walk in my mind a free tour
floating on an icloud created myspace
now tell me how do iSound?
use spotify 2 spot a lie
2 times dope underlined
spit summer time
in a winter coat
I'm really cold
you got followers
I got believers in thee physical
thee way I do it 4 thee love I guess they gotta call it thee tennis flow
give me a minute though I bet I make your day
thee way i write away
right away 
thee heart is a theater we all just play 
forget lines
and fall apart
when thee curtains drawn
All I know is I don't know
waiting on that next sold out show
they can steal your sound 
they cant steal your soul
steal your style
but they cant steal your glow
they cant steal ya smile
cant take your hope
cooler than ceiling fan no matter where i choose 2 stand
no matter where I am 
as a matter of fact 
the un materialized material matter you rap
never mattered I laughed 
watching how high sober as fuck
still laughing 
still masking
how I really feel close caption
flow phantom
so ghost
behind my minds closed doors
I want mansions
even if I gotta go charles mansion
Nah I'm 2 hansom

truly bright
speak thee truest light
think @ thee highest flights
Messiah type
no typo
radiant child 
but don't compare him 2 christ yo
I'm god with us displaying bright pictures
I'm so christmas

closing verse:

Hellafied heaven sent
quiet nights sketching places that I never been
like damn we got a black president
but does it really matter if....?
I ain't voting time
quote me on that 
clicking over
phone feeling Savion tapped
drug dealer demeanor
I really feel trapped
living a in different hue
sippin a bitches brew
my days shade is purple haze 
but I'm feeling some kind of blue
go on Facebook and like me
got a mermaid a pieces 
our minds be Siamese 
deep sea writing till time freeze
pens mastered green jackets
mic's fractured
my pen bleeds
I'm hyped like Mike jackson climbing like 10 tree's 
at light speed
my mind brings carry on luggage like 9 things
you can't board miss flight
you can't touch my skies
stolen moments
I take my time
smooth criminal 
no finger prints
got tentacles
i'm on that shit
that they finna do
I want thee parmesan like I'm in Italy
i really got thee ability 2 equal infinity
run with run on sentences
jog with possibilities
I i think in parenthesis
while you occupied blocks
we occupy hearts
ancient mathematics
modified smarts
when thee outside's ugly
whats inside's art
everybody tweeting just 2 talk 2 me
giving props 2 me
I chocked up a lil bit
it really got 2 me
just want u 2 know it really means a lot 2 me



released April 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Def Sound Los Angeles, California

b u i l d . y o u r . ∆ .

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