by Def Sound



Verse I:

I love a girl I aint never met
so every girl I meet I give em less
Its 2 soon I cant love her yet
told her nothing up my sleeves like sweater vest

holding on 2 something I could never kiss
forever bliss
isn't forever this
and we aint never been
so i guess it never ends
the miss I forever miss

They say Lifes A dream
2 why wake up?
Nothings what it seems Ok Buuut
what she's your nightmares come true
wake up Mr. Sound
but I don't want 2

Verse II:
tell me
whats a better sin?
a broken heart but wherethe medicine?
she's a movie that moved me needs the editing
text messaging God
should I ever send?
just press it
no weapon
aint slept in a couple days
missed a couple shaves
got a couple grays
she's my dream girl but what if I'm awake


Verse III:
Loves a loaded gun
pointed @ my face
f*ck it catch a couple strays
We all gone die
why not pick a grave?
love made me monster
better fangs
I'm sorry babe
i become a slave
2 the fantasy
another casualty
the dreams over cant ya see?
Imaginary girl wonder if she imagines me



released February 28, 2011
Written by: E.Ricketts
Produced by: RC for History N' The Makin' Productions
Recorded & Mixed by: Mind Majors.



all rights reserved


Def Sound Los Angeles, California

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