∂eƒ sound - årt​!​of​.​stunt​(​in)

by Def Sound



Watch thee visual by Joe Merrell


Opening Verse:
Trillwave you low tide
see me with your closed eye
i form lines that form lines
my pillows cool on both sides
cold flow froze time
fast forward no time
so in short I write that snort get it? sniff it nose time
my eyes are like window
then my team is thee sea
you thee SS minow
every song that I leak
is a 3 hour tour placed on thee instrumental
extended metaphors like Limo
Cold world
oh word?
I aint got no snuggie though
Bigger picture
get it nigga ? like a cannon wrote my camera quotes
all awestruck
awww shucks
short bus
MC's is vampires
look @ em all suck

if I aint stuntin my art will
my art will
my art will
if I can't stunt my art will
my art will

Closing Verse:
I'm 2 based 4 your treble
cant compare they
aint prepared
even hair another level
going up I'm throwing up
on every track I'm showing up
metaphors earths core baby I'm just warming up
Bright mind
Dark shades
my drive is like a car chase
Orenthal missing glove Bronco on freeway
I'm having a good time
they just trying 2 google it
iMax your iPad
get a bigger view of this
Indiana Jones how
I'm rolling with thee stones now
holy grail
I fail 2 fail
my brain like a phone now
you dial tone I dial out
no service
you surface
no permit
listen how I zone out



released May 1, 2012
Written & Arranged by: Emmanuel "∂eƒ sound" Ricketts
Produced by: RC for History N' The Makin' Productions
Inspired by: The brightness of my socks, The broken record of a thoughts that plays over and over in my head,the day someone fixes that record, the day , Cosmogramma, Stankonia studio's in ATL, and OJ's innocence.
Recorded by: Emmanuel "∂eƒ sound" Ricketts
Mixed by: Truth studios
Mastered by Nevin Thomas



all rights reserved


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