dance . in . OUR . minds.

by Def Sound



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We danced in our minds
standing still
body rollin 2 morning light
what you looking like
You look so Mmmmhmmmm
I cant say no......

Verse i:
She had a face full of fairy tales
parking lot of parallels
her lips was a trip
makes you feel like you somewhere else
she breathes magic
speaks magnets
so bad she's killin em
closed casket
viva La via god she's thee one I'm dreaming of
I came so she could cum now I just gotta leave with her
the dance floor is ours we can stand here 4 hours
body language speaking 2 me I wanna get it Louder
thee James Blake of mixtape
I don't know what that means
nigga I'm like 9 things
@ 9 times
then times that bout 5 times
lost my mind don't mind me
nobody on my time line
can find me
my zones
a times zone
time wise
my times wise
but the flows dumb
aliens talk 2 me in dreams
I don't know where this flows from

that shit cray
nah that shit played
that was trill
Now that shit wave

Verse ii:

aliens wrote verse dos.




released July 24, 2012
˙ spuıɯ ˙ ɹno ˙ uı ˙ ǝ ɔ u ɐ p
Produced by : Zack Sekoff
Recorded by: ∂eƒ Sound
Mixed by : Zack Sekoff
Mastered by: Nevin Thomas
Inspired by : 4 am, The night I met Giles Peterson and bringing back thee body roll.
recorded why: I heard glow in the dark voices.



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Def Sound Los Angeles, California

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