Boogie​.​Board. feat. Brook D'Leau // ☾ Prod. by . Z∆ck Sekoff ☽

by Def Sound



art . twerk . ed . by . Casey Kauffmann


☾ hook ☽
I'm out in LA on my own wave

And all I can say

Is I might need a boogie board

Verse . uno . //

ZACK Sekoff ::

Im icee like a hi c flavored icee

Money long like the state fish of Hawaii

That's that

humu humu

Nuku nuku

Apua a

Bitch I'm a star

Drivin a car

Down boulevard

They know who i are

Like Bruno Mars

Boogie boardin

More important

Michael Jordan

Michael kors is

All absorbed in

All my organs

All my horses

All are foreigns

Coups with doors then

Soup de jour whips

If you're bored than

Check the score kid

That right there's what the score boards for

Can't score more me and Def full court

Excellent at sports


I'm out in LA on my wave

And all I gotta say

is I might need a boogie board

Verse.2wo. //

Def ::

Young Deffery

wavey on the jet ski’s

she text me she down to kick it like she messi

I put that on my momma

next year we at thee MoMa

man I swear thats thee mantra

need some extra grammer’s

that’s extra commas

dead serious

no parenthesis in my paragraph


I was super saiyen

now i’m super shaman

designed by me

i call that super shopping

this beat is knocking


who thee fuck is that?

these basic rappers on basic labels

is basic channels on basic cable

I'm glowing up

blowing up

that flow

so dumb like i don't even know enough


- ∂eƒ


released July 26, 2015
Prod. by . Zack Sekoff



all rights reserved


Def Sound Los Angeles, California

b u i l d . y o u r . ∆ .

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