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released October 13, 2011



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Def Sound Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: 1ne. oooooH!thee.intro (prod. by ®c)

Oooooh maybe this a mixtape
noooo baby this thee bitch tape
you better say it right
respect my miiiind

Opening verse:
thee first verse should be thee deepest
everybody writing raps I'd rather spit a thesis
freedom's my religion give em something 2 believe in
a breath of fresh air something you can breathe in
music is the house that all sounds lives in
every idea here is what we pay the rent with
the walls are invisible the view is pure splendid
I will make more sense once you've gone senseless

the carpets made of concepts
the roof is everything that I guess we aint done yet
sunset 4 breakfast
fantasies 4 dinner
basking in thee splender
if your minds free
then your a big spender

poetry of all sorts covering our porch
my flows is like all floors
the decor looking out doors
and every RC beat an Ottoman seats
and everything we speak becomes an antique like...


Closing Verse:
I know way 2 many people here right now
that i knew last year
I'm fucking with ya'll
I know I wrote something ill right here
I just cant remember it all

oh yea !
You cant reach my stars
I'm in another place u cant reach by car
but I'm so gone
everything in my rearview but seems 2 far
No category I'm fittin on,Rap is like a temporary my home get my visits on,
every songs another zone
get my travel on
air lines like an airlines
my city is my carry on

now they on twitter predicting thee present
their views rear view where's your future headed?

brain storming new weathers
less effort
writing out my ted lecture
I mean more with less letters...


Track Name: 2wo. Dance.In.OUR.Minds.
We danced in our minds
standing still
body rollin 2 morning light
what you looking like
You look so Mmmmhmmmm
I cant say no

Opening Verse :
She had a face full of fairy tales
parking lot of parallels
her lips was a trip
makes you feel like you somewhere else

breathes magic
speaks magnets
so bad she's killin em
closed casket

viva La via god she's thee one I'm dreaming of
I came so she could cum now I just gotta leave with her
the dance floor is ours we can stand here 4 hours
body language speaking 2 me I wanna get it Louder

thee James Blake of mixtape
I don't know what that means
nigga I'm like 9 things
@ 9 times
then times that bout 5 times
I'm like Tom Green @ 19
lost my mind don't mind me
nobody on my time line
can find me
my zones
a times zone
time wise
my times wise
but the flows dumb
aliens talk 2 me in dreams
I don't know where this flows from

that shit cray
nah that shit played
that was trill
Now that shit wave

Closing Verse:
It came out of nowhere just listen 2 it yo...

Track Name:
Opening Verse:
Tank on empty, with a full mind
you rap like you been, working full time
splash with my mermaid bitch its pool time
I'm a dope album your a cool line
you a black B movie
now I'm foreign film
korean horror film
order meals a quarter mill
on tofu
going whole food
on that ebt swag
now you dress MTV with your BET ass
how ratchet try and act like judge hatchet
slam thee gavel on my dreams bitch you
looking like a mattress
I don't speak english
now I'm mathematics
above they heads like an addict

inhaling on a forest
free time I cant afford it
find a dope line then I hide in a chorus

every rule I'm an exception 2
Magic trick your left in 2
my ideas say me nigga we been expecting you
put me on a peteastil
nat cole nigga I am unforgettable
idea's Ikea watch me call the kettle blue
I do it all til nothings left 2 do


swag like cult leader
dope like drug dealer
metaphors marathon how I run niggas
RC's Jessie owens but thats just how track work

Closing Verse:

never stressed like desesrt backwards
hold up
fuck these niggas I know I'm dope
while i twighlight zone
you could swim my flow I know I'm soaked
i could float a whole 9 boats
go thee whole nine yards
on a whole 9 coasts
gotta lil bit of dope
like when you hold roach
do a lil bit of everything that they wont
gone need oven mits 2 hold my quote
instagram what I wrote get ? no iphone

dive into my sea of thought
its a sea full of sharks
deep and its dark
I'm really sick as f*ck my disease is my art
till I'm deceased and depart
believe in my drive u wont see me in park

I'm raps Charles Manson
re designed random
redefined handsome
Brandon kidnapped my album
now its up 4 ransom
starving my ego just like Ramadan
still sleeping on me
wrote this song with my pajama's on
yea i went vegan but I still need that parmesan

Track Name: 5ive. Brain.storm.Galacticaaa. feat. Mike Nova
That one verse:

This is Magic on acid,acid on tablets,tablets on sniff,
and we sniffing on that shit
and we blown in the wind till the wind tells us when
insanitys my gravity easy now challening
Reality on tv,tv on muted,muted on loud,loud on volume,volume on radio,radio on cd,cd on vinyl,
pilots on auto
brain on damages
soup on sanwhiches
mummies out bandages
muslims eating Ham and shit
sleep on zombies
masons on Godly
i think my brains calling


fuck yo blogs
John Lennon my own linen
I aint cut from clothe
I'm better off
better than better was
I aint def no more bitch I am everyone

fire arms
sorry mom
I am on

fuck it walking blocks talking on a car phone
batteries dead from doing dumb shit on smart phones

my brains out of breath
what comes next?
brainstorm Galactica
kissin on mannequins
pissin on managers
shittin on yo camera's

Mike Nova's verse is tight but you will have 2 ask him about it though...

Track Name: 6ix. Dream.In.Color.
My eyes dream in color
circle me circle C (©)
I check other
seeing in invisible
we're all aliens let me visit you

Opening Verse:
good morning my days like an infant
every moment is like a new born in an instant
jog memories Brisk like a Lipton
staring in the mirror features look Egyptian

met a gypsy and she hipped 2 some mind game
she became the portrait traced that mind framed
mind fucked so naturally my mind came
sun dialed night till the time changed
lit the pilot
rolled papers til I fly planes
this how I see the world through my wire frames

what if I was blind
what would I find
new heights
no flights
yo i air lines

if my lifes a blur
every day's a blink
brain feeling drained
every songs a sink
keep writing history till you become the ink
dream 2 big make em think you need a shrink

My eyes dream in color
circle me circle C (©)
I check other
seeing in invisible
we're all aliens let me visit you

Closing Verse:
Singing what I'm seeing
Living in my key of life
piano's are my feeling,
grand with the grind,
the sky is my ceiling,
grammy are my vision,
brook is my witness,
grams are my written's,
broke, feeling like a trillion,
Brandon Jennings
spitting in my journal,
globe keeps spinning,
mind state coastal,
microphone mirror man
reflecting so eternal

mind state purple
cypher of Crayolas spitting in a circle
bummy on the surface
laughing with the shallow
didn't learn 2 swim yet
swags not surfin
walking with a purpose
accidental verses
spilling on ya carpets
love now hate later
haven't met the charm yet
deadly with mouthpiece
smile looking harmless
death 2 yesterdays
we arent who we are yet, yet

Track Name: 12welve. If.You.▲❍▼❏.(Me). feat.Alex Isley
Opening Verse:

No time
when times on fire
No time
it's getting late
no drug could get me higher
cant wait till you cant wait

No time
when Time don't matter
no matter
Am I 2 late
no girl could get me higher
cant wait till you cant wait

If you love me let me know

Closing Verse:
We can run away
Turn the night 2 day
My favorite get away
the rest
Gets in the way

Your amazing
something I would lay in
lose a day in
someone I feel safe in
I was just waiting

4 you…

Hook & outrance