// Neon . Summer . //

by Def Sound



//Neon . Summer .//


released September 24, 2013

All Songs Written by :: Emmanuel "Def Sound" Ricketts (additional writing by Zack Sekoff on Nose Bleed, Sun Rai on "Neon.Indians.", Jarell Perry on "That.Something.", and Nikko Gray on "Lunar.Sunlight.")

All Songs Mastered by :: Sun Rai





all rights reserved


Def Sound Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: POEMs . NEVEr . WROTe . DOWn .
picante was thee pace we was on
slow it down
speed it up
same chase I was on
I knew
thinking bout her last night
met her in a past life
living a wild life
like we hang @ zoo

if her face was a book
or her book was a face
tell me would you look
or would you just turn a page
cuz she looking so alone
can you read along?
same letter same same word and thee page we was on

baby we can do it any place that you choose
Ianything they won't and they don't I will I do
you a trip I would take near a lake plus thee view
make thee world stand still with thee way that you move

You thee sunlight thee earth go round
no permits we can zone out
you a poem never write down
I need face time put thee phone down . . ..
Track Name: fine . line(S) . feat. Alex Isley
[Verse i ] :
Is it really too late?
it aint safe
like villain who wastes
no time
just shoots no blanks wont wait
4 thee hero 2 sayyyy


till our very first date
when time moved fast
@ a very slow pace
she makes me feel dumb
in a really smart way
she's the sun
in a really cold place
headstart in a really long race
bookmarked on a really cool page
or a really good line in a really bad play
now thats a really cold game
like trying 2 fit thee sky on a really small plane

when really is real
then it really aint fake
really in love
means really insane

[Hook] :
i will leave
so find
what you need
love so blind
I can't see
all i know is that you're …..

[Bridge Verse] :
we can play house music @ my house stupid
that's what she said me
that's what she said me
paint thee town red w/ me

[Post Verse] :
your my holiday
your my right away
your my right on time
never 2 late
nev never 2 late
I don't know where you are tonight
you feel 2 far tonight
out of this world where a car can't ride
I'll just wait here
for you .....

[Hook//Outro .]
Track Name: Young . Defferson . part . 0 .
verse i:
close your eyes get a better view me
I'm on twitter talking like it's just you and me
Shows you stopped coming 2
But i never stopped killing em
Thought that i was chilling 
I just sub zero finished em

fuck a label man just go ahead and sell it
if you really are thee shit then they really gonna smell it

I'm really understanding 
That they'll never understand me

You do this shit 4 Grammys 
Nah I do this shit 4 family's 


Verse ii
Rolling stoned got me feeling complex 
Food 4 thought free 4 all in this readers digest

When your likes won't keep thee lights on
When you  hungry and your hyped gone
When you wake up
And your life's wrong
And it comes out
thee mic's off

Rock that flat top like its really 92?
when it's all dark do you really shine through?
When life's feeling short like its really 5'2
When it's all exposed where will you really hide you?


Verse III :

Suck my dick in public
I Danny brown'ed em fuck it
I'm going up 
You throwing up
Bring that sickness 2 they stomachs
You walk it out i run this
I wonder where my minds @
Damn son where you find that?
Probably where your moms @

Don't confuse that hunger 4 that thirst
Or those numbers 4 your worth
If you really bout that work
Let me see your paper twerk

Thee drive of this Young lad whipping that young slab
You out in thee dark parked in park acting like youre so gassed
Fuck a label
No jumper cables
Still kick starting
With yo grown ass
Dunce caps
Dumb as 
You like robbing a bank w/ no mask
Fuck niggas is so ass in costumes all year so Halloween tell me what thee you go as?

I'm just speaking on them real things
you smoking on that mid range
jump shot oh god
swag ex cops
options go
Miguel with thee leg drop
Track Name: Lunar . Sun . Light . feat . Nikko Gray
Pre verse (nikko):

You know you light sun in my day

and every day feels like the weekend

you put the light sun in my eye

and we are so high baby we can


Verse 1 (Def):

Sunlight on a gloomy day hey

sunflower in a rose bouquet say

we can hideaway in a hideaway

right away without a flight delay

my little slice of day

You are

but u swear u arent

you art

I saw

and thought how could I draw you?

how can I call you

wet ya floors up til ya falling in love 2

in a puddle of love you's


Sometimes staring @ the sunlight is the only way I see you hun

So when this scene done

Lets change scenery

chase the sunset The Best things are Free

Post hook (nikko):

You know you light sun in my day

and every day feels like the weekend

you put the light sun in my eye

and we are so high baby we can


Bridge (Def):

2 the top of moon

is where I find you

now's never 2 soon

we could fork or we could spoon



(nikko):You know you light sun in my day

(def): staring @ the sunlight

(nikko): and every day feels like the weekend

(def): only way I see you hun

(nikko): put the sunlight in my night

(def): and when this scene done

(nikko) : and we are so high baby we can

(def): fly
Track Name: dream . on . . . . .
hook that only happens once & shit:

I can be your canvas when you're painting
or your umbrella when it's raining
kittens and the dogs
life's not a biotch
it just depends how you treat her
stay in touch like thee screen on a kiosk
so when I leave ya'll
dream on
dream on
dream on 

trying 2 make an album is like trying 2 make an outfit
from scratch
mixing fabrics
mix and match it
mix it mastered
think you got a banger then you hang it on a hanger
and hoping that a stranger hears it and they want it in a lives and in their closets
then they smile and then they cop it
and they tell they friends about it
than a label starts 2 like it treat you like an object
then they break you like a promise
just trying 2 make a profit
but you're really just a prophet

but your rump aint got no kiss marks
thinking you should kickstart 
but seeing you got this far
by working not just wish hard
but your pockets low on swiss chard

with them real ass bills 
you need a full course meal
but that home cooked trill 
just don't sell
damn how you feel?

everybody eating bacon
out promoting  satan
but ya soul aint sold 
but ya money needs saving
own your  own masters and I'm still slaving
scarier than wes craven

I'm just trying not 2 curse a lot try 2 work a lot
and hope one day it's worth a lot
a couple lots
a couple acres
a couple spots
fewer neighbors
we all need that life

we started from thee bottom but aint everybody here
isn't  every single year everybody's year?

that's why I write so many kinds songs
cuz you never know which one will be thee one 2 get you on

it's a cold world hope this keeps you warm