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G o l d . P y r a m i d . S c u l p t u r e . b y . TESSIE WHITMORE
A r t . w o r k . e d . b y . CHRISTY ROBERTS BERKOWITZ
THEE 1 S T . R E . L E A S E . F R O M
• Y E ∀ . F O R E V E R •


released November 6, 2015

Special.Thanks.2. :: RC, Zack Sekoff, Christy Roberts Berkowitz, Brook & Jck, MADASHELL, Blu, Mike Nova, Brandon Kilgour, Donyale Walls, Alex Isley, Kadhja Bonet, Shamz, Kat, KiNG, Squish, Maceo Keeling III, Holly! , Brandon (S/o Blake), My parents, Carlos Ricketts Jr. (I LOVE YOU BRO!), Tessie Whitmore, Matt "Space"Colca, Mike The Poet, Nai Vasha, Adam Trillman Young, YOU (Because you are even still reading this), Anthony Valadez, Aaron Byrd, KCRW , Saul Williams, Westside Ty Thee Beeper King, Thee WHOLE Vidor family (even Young McRib), Instagram, Jaz, Jung Money, Jneiro Jarel, Itai, DPL, Val, Gabe Paints, Belvi, Sean O., Sean G, Any DJ that has played me on their podcast or just their iPod, Fez & Kelly, Nikko Gray, Jamil Baldwin, Anderson Paak, Aja, Rose Estelle, Sherlina aka Earthgirl, Novena aaaaand ummmmm your mom, yea that's pretty much it. . . Sierra Neone is next . .



all rights reserved



Def Sound Los Angeles, California

b u i l d . y o u r . ∆ .

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Track Name: i N E E D . Y O U . 2 . K N O W .
I need you to know
I still need time to grow

I want you in my life
but thee timing isn't right

I need you to know
you are not alone

look inside my eyes
windows that don't lie

-∂ e ƒ
Track Name: TRILL . ALLAH .
Hate is just love that we don't know what 2 do with
listen 2 it or mute
close your eyes and view it
find it more or lose it
find my mind and then i lose it
in conclusion we're confusion
and the batteries included


i keep it timeless watchless
make it rain from my brain baby catch thee droplets
only artist got em cooking up in thee moshpits
drive is a horse get it porshe
yo got this

too raw for thee blogs 2 trill 4 a deal
let me show you how feel
with a pocket full of nothin
a head full of something
becoming everything i ever dreamed of and wanted


so close ya eyes and watch me
got it lock I forgot where the key or the lock be
keep sleeping on me yo i show em where the cot be
if I ain't your cup of tea b*tch we making coffee

// HOOK //
I'm ruler like ricky 
super fly like missy

go berserk in ya berka's
she blessed me hallelujah 
made me wanna word up

//verse . ii //
2nd verse know they gone hate man
but her ass so serious like thee all state man
told her listen baby you in great hands
twerkque du soleil thee day away that's great plan

made my own lane watch me as I pave it
tell me when 2 go killer show's yellow tape it 
hover round my sound cloud
call it levitating
only white papers though yo I'm hella racist

let thee hunger keep you humble
surfing on safari living in a jungle
I have ferrari ideas 
mercedes benz dreams
delorean I'm flooring it you know what that meannnnn
Track Name: EYES(x)AXX
Looked @ her eyes but her ass said (Hey!)
don't wanna fetch wanna bone that (Bark!)
i get kinda blunt when I'm on that  (cough)
love that I'm trill and I speak that (REAL)

Psssst down here Where have you been @?
is her ass really talking 
or is it weird if I talk back ?
then her ass asked why would u ask that?

wait a minute

she said don't be scared  grab me with both hands
wait a minute ummmm how could I say no man ?
her ass had it's own fucking area code man
crazy muthafucka straight outta low cash

now she looking like a portrait  that she drew me
told me slide through just like room key
I said touché she listens 2 tunche
They was  youtube she was a  movie

I'm just trying 2 land on her continent 
out of body experience
you know that I'm wanting it 
she don't make it clap 
she make it a studio audience
really though listen close

highlighter in a box full of crayons.. 
you stay on.. 
levels above what they on
dead ass 
a bed ass that you could lay on or lay in
get so comfy lose a day on
a day in
know what I'm sayingggggg

think about it
that shit's wild!


I don't wanna say nothing I just wanna dance with you
just hit thee play button aint no stopping you
pause play record
pause play record
pause play record
don't stop


☾Prod. by . Zack Sekoff // mixed by Brandon Kilgour☽
New wave (s)

No slaves

Old chains

Break them


2 lines soul train insane


Going ham sandwich

I just went vegan

I be going ham sandwich

I just went


// Verse . i //

If her p*ssy smells like Pintrest don't fuck w/ her

At a party looking like tumblr umm whoa nigga

Shit so hard Michael Jordan does thee Macarena

If you hate condoms let me see your hands raised

Plan B is my plan A

Young Deffery on a campaign

White money need thee Colgate

Ball so hard pulled a hamstring

Ball so hard pull a


Going in when we going out

Looking like a picture pull your phone out

If money is power

And ppl are products

Then knowledge is pizza

And product is timing

But timing is cosmic

Business is business

You feel it you get it?

The body's a temple

I covered in crystals

I drip in a garment

I made out on tencil

My blessings are blessing

I see them in triples

My blessings are blessings

I see them in what?


//Verse . ii //

Donald sterlings a racist

Donald Sterling's a racist ?

Oh shit

No shit

Being black is crazy

Imitate but then hate me

Touching up your beijing

Peeling off that string cheese

Just 2 peep that G string

I don't pay 4 strange

I just paved a lane

I'm so Marvin Craye

So Marivin Craye

That i rode my Tiger through East LA

Yea I rode a Tiger through East LA

I don't even know whats cool here

It changes up every 2 years

Remember when we all used 2 wear Wu Wear?

Knock knock on your brain like who's there??


Track Name: N E W . Z O N E . //
You ever felt like you can't wait 4
that new car that new home
that new girl with some new goals
got that mmmmhmmmm with some uh ooooh!
end zone
I'm in that new zone
new zone
new zone
gotta new song 2 go dumb 4
I'm in that new zone

Verse i ::
She told me
she was falling 4 the old me
until she got 2 knew me
now she treating me like who's he ?
I don't get it I thought we all liked new things?
It's a cold world better get ya coogi
thee kings of neon
beyond what you be on
get my dream on
wait is this thing on

aint nobody cold as us
thats code for what?
the flow is nuts
baby its just trail mix
so dope inhale this

its all by design now
mentally watch me orbit
got my stars aligned now
this song is my rookie card
get it while that price down
my next songs got next songs
my ideas got ideas
build your pyramid ikea

My taste was gucci
my pockets was Marshalls
can't wait till I'm in a pair of baby what you call those
nah it aint all close
you on that
Edward James almost

Ever felt like you can't wait 4
that new life bout to go pro
you bout to change the world but they don’t know
got that mmmmhmmmm with some uh ooooh!
end zone
I'm in that new zone
new zone
new zone
gotta new song 2 go dumb 4
I'm in that new zone
new zone

Verse ii ::
subtract that ego humble math adds up
but I just want it all baby I don't ask much
want a good girl with a bad butt
a smart girl and her ass dumb
i'm the everything your scared be
discography's biographies
my business models modeling
philosophies be socrates chillin in a soccer tee
I got big goals
I aint a rapper I'm a symbol(perfect)
you entertainment
thee shit I'm saying
is super sayien
while you super playing

we some oh my gods
in a room full of what thee fucks
we LOL @ you *percussions*

It's thee greed will keep you from the $
food 4 thought free 4 all that I'm feeding 2 thee hungry
thee flow is getting getting ugly
over flooding like u left thee water running
life is my wife and that bitch is looking stunning

you ever have a job that felt like a slaveship
drove a bucket but you call it my spaceship
had it up 2 here but you swear you can't take it
harlem shake it off just like Ma$e did


Verse . iii
woke up
new zone and perspective
compulsive obbessive
my fears are projections
I’m chasing perfection
perfection is not a thing
we want all thee credit
thee checks on the checklist
i’m hungry
I am extra’ed
i’m humbled
i’m lazy
i mumble
i’m present
i’m gone in a second
all want to be rich
i care about thee methods ?
I do

Complex as complexion 
i am
every man
every woman 
a collection of  
every color
hue and
I AM imperfection
i’m you
I am a nearest reflection  of
us I am all
i am him
i am her
I am part of a section nah
thee truth is so naked
i’m taking my time
but my times feeling taken

You are worth more than what you are dressed in 
Remember when they treated you less than
remember you’re destined
remember your crown
where you left it
I am neon 
not other
i neon my city
i neon my color
See me
See each other

Track Name: B L K • BOY (S)

Don't you know you are different
black you
You’re thee music just listen
black boy
Don't you know are wind
black boy
you skin is not a trend
black boy
Neighborhood on your back
black boy
Hoods under their badge
black boy
No emoji for that
black boy
Dont forget you’re a king
black boy
They Forget because you are kind
black boy
Found out when you were five
black boy
Won’t Play w/ you wonder why
black boy
Problem is you're not white
black boy
Just remember you are gold
black boy
you’re a dandelion that's blown
black boy
I know how you feel
black boy
Phones out to record you black boy
black boy
Hands up you’re unarmed
black boy
I know Your life is up for discussion
black boy
Hashtag your existence
black boy
On thee brink of extinction
black boy
But they can't beat out of you brilliance


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