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    Its 2010, all I wanted people to know was I was Alive. So I made this in my first year of fully dedicating my life to art. I want you 2 feel as Alive and inspired as I do. Its an ITtape because its not really a mixtape its just IT for now. Whatever IT is 2 you. Its been 2 years since I dropped “Something.” literally… EVERYTHING has changed. I felt like writing my name on everything especially things I dont own. Like your ears. Just like a young graff artist with a bunch of new cans he cant wait 2 use. Just a reminder 4 people I am Alive. I thought about it the other day randomly and BIGGIE named his first album “Ready 2 Die” and I am naming my first tape “Alive”. Theres something significant about that without trying to be different. I just am. I didnt want to make something that was 2 contrived or boring I wanted something 2 show the growth that had 2 happen before I put out the Sequel 2 “Something.” (“Anything.” Jan. or Feb. of 2011) there have been many transitions and choices (Art is just a publically displayed choice that exists independent of opinions and its creator). I wanna thank Maceo for the artwork, every feature, guest, muse, and The Port's for all the support on the project, and EVERYONE who already knows the deal I couldnt make this without ALL of you.I feel like a completely new person.
    I am Alive.

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No. I wont tell you why some songs have *'s in front of them. You will just have to listen now wont you. Thanks you in advance.


released June 26, 2010

1. Say.Hello.2.Mr.Sound. (Prod. by RC)

2. If.The.Sky.Was.A.Her.She'd.Be.U. (Illegal Instrumental Inspiration Supplied by Metronomy)

*3. In.fat.u.ation (Illegal Instrumental Supplied by Black Rose)

4. Take.You.T.h.e.r.e. (Prod. by Roosevelt for Susman Productions)

5. $.Times.Girls (Illegal Instrumental Inspiration Supplied by Metronomy)

6. Up.Is.The.New.Down. feat. Novena Carmel (Illegal Instrumental Inspiration Supplied by Mr. Scruff)

*7. Time.Up.on.A.On.ce feat. Yoni Hawk (Illegal Instrumental Inspiration Supplied by Flying Lotus)

*8. Trickin.$. feat. Trill Scott Her.on. (Illegal Instrumental Inspiration Supplied by Chase N. Ca$h)

9. Every.thing.You.Make.It. (Prod. by RC)

10. Out.of.This.World. feat. Nerd (Prod. by Roosevelt)

11. Love.Letter.2.Life (Illegal Instrumental Inspiration Supplied by Thes One)

*12. A.Song.Call.ed.Alive. feat. Ragen Fykes (Illegal Instrumental Inspiration Supplied by 4Hero)

13.Captured. Laughter. (Illegal Instrumental Inspiration Supplied by

14. End.of.Thee.World. by Erthman & Def Sound (Prod. by Erthman and Dave Torres)

15. Out.rance (Illegal Instrumental Inspiration Supplied by Vera Lynn)



all rights reserved


Def Sound Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Say.Hello.2.Mr.Sound.
Let me make a list of
everything you missed it
chopped and screwed point of views
auto tuned my whisper
had 2 change my hair before my hair changed me
if you looking if you listen its the same me

party less
praying more
speaking less
reading more
sleeping less
seeing more
God with us meet the Lord

i aint writing 4 reviews
i aint writing 4 results
im writing 4 my pulse
so u aint gotta post

mind state global
mad shows local
studio in no ho
Mace did the logo

the logo is my icon
Roy Hobbs whens Mic on
get the picture Nikon
a new dawn my eyes on
etc and so on
I'm so on
hi with the LO
if you listen its like you got my life on

talking 2 myself
helped me learn 2 talk 2 beats
got an inner view without interviews
I met Shafiq

Britt got my on Gondry
art got me Godly
Ty got me more Ghandi
Henny got me more charming

Poetic got locked up
now he's out all love
Holly was the mentor
Fasfa got me in the Mac store

"so what we doing 2night?"
all i wanted 2 know is what we doing with life
cut her like my locks and shit
aint a dissss Raad is missed
but ever since shes gone and went
Happiness no accident

doubters wont believe me
RC went 2 Fiji
inhaling on sea weed
Lite dropped a cd

Cut Ties with Fresh 2 Def
made a couple hits with Kev
wipe me down I'mma mess
"wipe me down I'mma mess"

Local Tourist sponsored me
didnt wanna manage me
its all love applause
you can give a hand 2 me

shows with Novena
then met Safia
couple vids with Rica
Amy's in the freezer

5 hour energies
OD'ed on inner peace
I'm not more polished I'm just more honest
I'm not less human I'm just more artist

living in the now,
Mos say I'm Def
say Hello 2 Mr. Sound

Track Name: If.The.Sky.Was.A.Her.She'd.Be.U.
Verse #1:

Love without instruction
speak with out discussions
something something something
i didn't like the rest
cuz I'm nothing like the rest
I write songs about her
she'd rather i send a text
when i commune with cate
I'm anti gravity
I'm immune 2 wait
everybody likes her
but i would never say
i would rather show
she would rather know
without further notice
her favorite song it goooooes

I been waiting on you
but you been hating on you

why is she so scared of heights ?
don't she knows shes the sky?

Why she gotta learn 2 fly?
forgets shes the sky

Why you gotta learn 2 fly?
don't you know you that your the sky ?

don't you?

verse 2:
(*clear thoat*)
Ummmmmmm sorry I'm late 2 the 2nd verse
I couldn't find parking
can i beg your pardon?
ilove a lil joy your my favorite martian
i aint window shopping
and you aint on the market

does everything have 2 be a poem?
we're different
the difference between a crow and a desk
collecting all the o's plus the x
catty corner categories
cuz they kinda really bore me

I loved you before i liked you
I drew you before I ever eyed you
forgot, before I ever knew you
standing still and then I still moved you

our sidebars need on stars
we dream on beyond stars
beyond far
find us here


(Additional layered hook)


new borns

eyes closed we’ll soar

Track Name: In.Fat.U.ation.
Verse 1:
The innocence of hello
the natural high of hi
the 1st text message
you waiting on reply
love aint like like
aint a metaphor you try
in hindsight
my sight caught her right eye
Caught her like cold
she was under my nose
like words my words go
but certain words wont
when loving love dont
she so butter
shes so cold that I want covers
but i wont smother
multiple choices and i check other
blind like stevie but I wont wonder
I just want her
love aint science
no L. Ron Hubbard
invest all my time I'll just fund her
for certain and forsure
she "in search of.." a n.e.r.d
I'm in search of some words
(2 insert within hers)
shes like favorite song that I've never heard
but I know every word

Verse 2:
infatuation will arise
but u gotta be smart about it

I am on a 24 hour Def sound diet
*laugh*don't knock it before you try it
love i cant describe it
i can just supply it
I love her 4 her brain
you want the booty like a pirate

I am on my disney shit
u can call it pluto flow
here we go like merry go
in the air we aerial
a ring or a fling
who's thinkin marriage tho?
we can go 2 paris tho
Perris california
have you ever been there?
ink what i think then i let my pen stare
cheating on you with you
depending on your view of you
the un 2 my usual
glue us 2
lose my mind @ the thought of losing you

Track Name: Take.U.T.h.e.r.e.
I don't think I wrote this song down anywhere.....
Track Name: $.Times.Girls.
cough cough cough
into laugh

We don't your money
we just want your time
we don't want your girl
we just want her mind

Verse #1:
dance floor general
militant mind state
messages subliminal
read me what your eyes
close on minimal
project on runways
war fares chemical
listen let the song say

We don't your money
we just want your time
we don't want your girl
we just want her mind

Verse #2:
Change your Twitter status
distortions so beautiful
baby let the static in
question what is usual
mummy wear these bandages
birthday suits are suitable
gallery your galaxy
exhibit what you listen 2

We just your money
we dont want your time
we just want your girl
we dont want her mind

what you want from me ?
you don't want your needs
you don't need ya wants
is it me you want?

Whats the matter?
Its Only Matter

We don't your money
we just want your time
we don't want your girl
we just want her mind

We dont your money
we just want your time
we dont want your girl
we just want her mind
Track Name: Up.Is.The.New.Do.wn. feat. Novena.Carmel.
Verse #1:

shittin on everybody aint no laxatives
purpose on purpose aint no accidents
trippin while trippin aint no acid in
my drive so crazy no aint no passengers
this so crazy what comes after this?

the after party at the after hours
after all
aint no band going after ours
scream if ya feeling this go get louder?

she's so trendy your so right now
she's a freestyle i could write down
aint no i in we,
poke your eyes out
2 turnt up
turn you life down

free ya speech
free 2 speak now
1 st amendment
just beginning
backs I'm bending
im offensive
your offended

take no non sense
god on conference
calm in conflict
got it all cover
till im covered of complex
sorta gotta a complex
with being so complex

the winner all winter
cold aint no contest

butter in the summer
yo i got this

ear 2 the streets
thoughts in the clouds
outside the box try hearing me out

Get up like its the new down
def bringing that new sound
sky high like its the new ground
lose ya mind
nah got nothing 2 lose now

Get up 2 us
baby its up 2 us

Verse #2 (1:38):
verse 1 times two
stuck 2 the beat
like tongue got glue
win crowd over
mind i lose
if you got couches
I'll Tom cruise

jumpin on ya shit
jumpin on ya shit
I'm jumping on ya shit

usual aint usual what is normal?
cartoon network I see coral
girl lets mind sex this oral
music lives on I'm immortal

walking with jesus
stroll with allah
whatever you wanna call em
only one god
only one you
only one us
theres one we
only one love

Novena: (You gonna have 2 talk 2 her about her lyrics and email her 4 them lol)

Get up like its the new down
def bringing that new sound
sky high like its the new ground
lose ya mind
aint nothing 2 lose now

Get up 2 us
baby its up 2 us

verse #3:
Aint no telling where my flow is @
colder than a polar cap
holy snaps
he's been holding back
higher 4 hire cali where the low is @
i thought style was on sale
where he order that?
reading all the blogs
shit sorta whack
posting all ya friends
when they sounding sorta ehhh
couldn't find em anywhere
ya gotta order maps
find yaself some talent
aint no app 4 that
talking bout you
so what you laughing @?

off season all season
show's zoo, I'm beastin
iron on style
i can see stop creasing
wallets got me with a smile on my face
baby i'm cheesin

you living in the past tense
where ya @ i'm past it
in a class in
you cant teach class in

if my callin aint rapping
don't cry cuz its over
smile cuz it happened

Get up like its the new down
def bringing that new sound
sky high like its the new ground
lose ya mind
aint nothing 2 lose now
Track Name: Time.Up.on.A.Once. feat. Yoni Hawk aka Bizarro Kyle
Picante is the pace on
sense I aint making none
senseless baby endless maybe stupid ink the flow is dumb
niggas aint just faking jacks these niggas here is faking johns
shittin on every thing i get up on
on up get
this is what I'm gifted with
christmas merry
Kwanzaa shit
Hanukkah ya monitors
twist it with the dradel spit
earth 2 down
down 2 earth
I am like lawns with this
deeper than a casket dig?
I am like one with this
hard kworking, Juan and shit
I know that you don't know me but u see me @ a lotta shit
hanging like an ornament
Something and I'm Anything I'm Everything
I'm all of it
excuse me if I'm feeling this
sleeping on me save yawn's
every songs the mattress huh?
a time upon a once it is
once I spit
a quotable so backward u gonna have 2 real really really forward it
more of this
this of more
this aint music this is war
the new wave
you can pick a sure
hop on board
baby what snoozing 4?
we wake it up
u thinking that this shit is fresh?
listen man I make it up
local talent native tongues
take it all or take enough
slap boxing with the track
u punching in
I take it once
elevator flow
u press a button
take it up
rappers here is fucking up
pardon me I'm making love
urbanspoon your food 4 thought
think about it shake it up
u niggas aint just wasting time you wasting us
artists aint human
man this shit is like a race 2 us
it really aint a race 2 us
pass baton race it up
take your time
erase the rushed
listen I wear bow ties
lines doing tie bow
head bob
you the 3rd person
in 3rd person 2 say
mr. def's dope
eye know
like the eye iphone
I'm done

Yoni: (Talk 2 him bout his lyrics most of it was written in studio and freestyled @ the end enjoy

Track Name: Trickin'.$. feat. Ty aka Trill.Scott.Her.on.
Hook: Trickin, Trickin, Trickin, Trickin dough
one day its here
next day its gone
one day its here
next day its UMMMMM
Trickin, Trickin, Trickin, Trickin dough
one day its here next day its
going going goooone!

Verse 1:
We want Lamborgini eye balls
Guicci print teeth
Some shoes dont touch the sidewalk
a quater mill each
a new nose
a new face
a urainium TV
a bunch of expensive shit
when you die you cant keep

True story my hair is like two stories
dreams f*ckin with my goals
two orgies
listen Jr. its the balancing that challenging
You could own the whole world still want a galaxy

Verse 2 by Ty aka Trill Scott:
Dedicated to Mr. & Mrs. "I Gots To Have It"
Who's married to the game
but joint accounts but never happend
All them middle class niggas who imaginary trappin
Them million dollar fables & them thousand dollar habits
Top billin for them labels give a fuck about the fabrics
& if you don't have it; you should probably follow suit & just kill yourself in an ordinary fashion



Ty: Me and $ go together like Tattoes and rachets
Def: orrr ummm bad chicks with accents
Ty:low credit,dont sweat it you can throw it on the debit
Def: No medics, no headaches, cant buy it? Steal it, F it
food keep stamping me
Ty: school keeps granting me
Def: perspective is
bitches be like so what?
forget getting wifed down
rather get wiped down
strip club
post uppppppp

Track Name: Every.Thing.U.Make.It.
Verse 1:
Life aint a Warhol
living in wars zone
working til a corpse holmes
ya friends gone
and the tours on, but you home
and ya phone off
Rain it pours on
raining cats and dogs
and u got a bitch @ home
fleaing from the fleas
makes ya scratch ya dome
makes you wanna zone
and its looking like Twighlight
looking @ ya past like look @ that highlight
before you hit the high life
before you saw the bright lights
before stadiums screamed ya name,
what that sound like??
and it sounds like
when you really aint stuntin

and u lookin from a stunt man
your adrilinelines pumpin
inspiration aint coming
forgetting where ya from in
and ya growling from ya stomach
ribs get 2 touching
they lifes a bitch
I'm just lookin 4 a woman
I used 2 love her

Life, is everything you make it
time, its yours if you can take it
sooner or later
later makes yesterdays todays kid
Buck the world
I'm here, bring ya braces

Verse 2 :
I could have been a doctor just didnt have the patience
could have been a lawyer but not enough plaintiffs
life treated me foul I'm lookin 4 a flagrant
my style was 2 free I'm just looking 4 an agent
artist @ a gallery just lookin 4 a paintbrush
staring @ the paper tryin 2 make some paper
girls sounding like hater
tryin not 2 hate her
feeling like mule looking 4 some acres
a new clothe 2 cut from
tripping through customs
watching people get high
wonder what they run from
a midget with the income
hanging with the in crowd
wishin you can u stand out
looking 4 a stand in
hour glassing it now u lookin where the sands been
lookin @ the crowd like I wonder where my fans went
feeling like has been
now you outkastin
getting extra in a show you werent cast in
and really aint feelin school
boxes aint fittin u
praying 4 miracle
hoping you get listened 2
staring @ the beat like bitch I will spit on you

Life, is everything you make it
time, its yours if you can take it
sooner or later
later makes yesterdays todays kid
Buck the world
I'm here, bring ya braces
Track Name: Out.of.This.World. feat. Nerd (not N.e.r.d.)
Verse 1:
I like people I love women
I love thrifting
5-11 jeans fittin
I wear 32
you wear a wave cap
mixtape with no signal where ya bars @?
See what I write like is deaf eye sight
see me,
hear me,
feel me,
show ya senses what all 5's llike
so where my 5 mics?
I need 5 boothes
f*ck it 5 studio's for what the f*ck I do
I aint a beast homie I'mma whole zoo
its free admission
hit me up after 2
so while you craft singles 4 the cheese slave to the checks but our minds free

So down to eath that I'm out this world
I'm outta this world
I'm outta this world
So down to eath that I'm out this world
I'mma outta this

Verse 2 by Nerd


Verse 3:
No the track I aint done with
u are spitting I just vomit
Aint a star Imma comet
this whole planet I aint from it
Fly saucers then I plumit
2 the stomach
Of nowhere
Yea I go there
U still you thinkin
I just thunk it
Wait a minute That sunk in
I am bass before the drums in
Fresh air where ya lungs is
Hello's there before you come in
But they never seen me comin
Lazy laying up
No I am Dunkin like donuts
Then I go nuts
Beat beats into commas
Leave it stitches yea its sewn up
childs play I'm grown up
I aint playin
wordplays @ playground
And swanging
automatic I aint thinkin
I aint rhyming I'm just sayin
Without talking
Lines written in martian

Track Name: Love.Letter.2.Life.
Verse 1:
Say a prayer that is hopeful mom's cookin Tofu
every function I coast to is located local
Lite on Thurman ave.
texting me 2 come through
as I stroll through the area
the various
hilarious episode we livin in preparin us
4 night life sicker than malaria
in the cut, Caesarean
my life time
time flies when you in the air with it
3 feet and no pressure
claim streets we own letters
all dressing no lettuce
phone beeps a text message
pardon me but I'm living
if I text you back then I'll prob. get a ticket
If you really gotta talk to me
keep the convo @ a midget
short words
short terms
food 4 thought
I'm just loving life G
Roto Rooter ya goals
no longer pipe dreams

My love letter 2 life
I'm enjoying every minute
Life's my favorite movie I'm just happy that I'm in it
I'm just happy that I sent it
uh uh uh
I love life can you feel it?

Verse 2:
Living my every day like I'm not your everyday
citizen dippin in every car pool swimmin in
cooler than a cooler chillin it
driven in 2 no drive through come thru I'm Earles grillin it
full like my gas tank
the present is a freeze frame
of pictures that your past paints
down 2 earth grass stains

1 minute def sound on
streets that we driving on
aint a walk in Kenneth Hahn
got me got my living on
tracks that I'm spittin on
got Val gets his spinnin on
artwalking attention drawn
copy and I paste every quotes of day 2 the twitter page
analyzing thru the waste
for the miles that it takes 2 put a smile on her face

with the passion of me
captured belief
ahead of my time as a past time
til I'm passing and leave

Track Name: A.Song.Call.ed.Alive! feat. Ragen Fykes
Verse 1:
Let forever start here
diamond in the ruff lookin like debeers
in class of my own with a absence of fear
so alive so gone is he here?
Dark hours
Bright moments
Great seconds
God's blessings
I bring 2 my brethren
and I sing thee exception
of extinct black perceptions
sick flow infecting
talking 2 the people that they say were invisible
here another rapper that they said you'd never listen 2
Def with the vision 2
20/20 syllables
listen man
my mind is a parachute
openly I share with you
sicker than some theraflu
free falling
landing where airfare is due
leaving birds with jealous view
and the telescopes are telling you
your 2 high your 2 fly
gravity is scared of you

(sang by Regan) :
He makes me feel so Alive
Alive Alive
and I tell him
that every moment is Alive

Verse #2
Hahaha aint life funny
one day ya rolling like a rinking raking in the money
the next you craiglistin just like sunny
listen 2 and love me
2 def life or 2 something
Wave good bye the shackles they used 2 chain us
say Soo long 2 angles they used 2 paint us
self hate they wont claim they gave us
Alive, amazing times we living in
sometimes, you just wanna hear the instruments......


U.&.Ur.:) Lyrics:

just you and smile
lets be here while

Verse 1:
midnight dancing on a star
real life looking so bizarre

we get lost
lost in who we are
you aint moving
seems far


some days ya don't wanna speak, ya know
some days I just wanna see, ya smile

Verse 2:
Tried loving @ life speed
God gave me my heart back
like something you need
hit record when I'm board playing with heart strings
swear she aint from here
something you sight see

ya know,uh

she must be a tourist
she might be a taurus
I seen it in the star
she's in another orbit

relationships a tour bus
the single lifes a porshe
seats a few 4 a few
imagine when tour stops

ya know,

mentally absorbing ya
the apple of my cornea
dead all ya fears
you can leave em @ the coroner
the girl of my dreams
but I think I got insomnia

hey,aint we all thee exceptions
behind every break up there hides a blessing

Word, uh
even tho ya walkin out
looking in ya rear view
always something 2 smile about...


Track Name: Captur.ed.Laugh.ter.
(All sorts of Captured Laughter)

Verse 1:
hate is just love that we dont know what 2 do with,
listen 2 or mute it, close your eyes and view,
find it more or lose it
find yo mind so we lose it
in conclusion
we're confusing
and batteries included
it sucks when your stressed out
and yourself is feeling left out
sanity is less now
spoiled like left the milk out
old views old you's
rolling with your ex now
phonetics with yo feelings
trying 2 sound the rest out

music is a hiding place
I hide away
I'm wide awake
I write away
right away
now is now
ride the wave
title wave
of lesser played
you say that you like it def
I'll glady be your hearing aid
this is sick you hearing aids
let be sincere and say
you arent who you appear 2 play
I'd rather just watch a play

Its the Natural
the organic
4 the love
the romantic
The Natural
the fantastic
the miracle
no magic
The Natural
all planets
the everywhere
the outlandish
The Natural
all passion
so foriegn
no accents
Just Natural
you cant plan it
its something
it just happens

Track Name: $.Times.<MORE.Girls. RCmix
Yea we want yo money
and we want yo time

You can Keep yo girl
cuz we got her mind

mind mind mind mind
money times girls
money times
money times
money times

Verse 1:
Dance floor general
All things awesome mind state

No that aint subliminal
the mantra when we meditate

she can have my whole heart
I'm trying 2 find the rest of me

food 4 thought
such an art
baby what's yo recipe?


verse 2:
Change yo twitter status'
find the ugly beautiful

If everybodies weird
what makes you unusual?

look inside my lab and see
I'm recharging my batteries
Anythings almost here
run around on saturns rings

landed on yo planet
gallery'ed your galaxies
re appeared and vanished
put the in in your insanity

Jig saws
freak shows nympho's
low life's
lost my mental